Our community welcomes all visitors with no strings attached. Come exactly as you are. We will not pressure you or force you into anything when you walk through the door. We won't lay any expectations upon you.

We also won’t ignore you! We are a deeply loving and friendly bunch, and we long to see everyone feel loved and known deeply. We understand that often times, you must feel like you "belong" before you feel like you can "believe".

If after a morning together you do not like what you see, no hard feelings! We part as friends with an appreciation that you spent some time with us. But if you do see yourself wanting to connect and go deeper with RCV, we have lots of ways you can do that!


Once a month (or as needed), our pastors Scott and Susan Tjernagel host SEED, an orientation to our Vineyard community. Seed is an opportunity to discover who the Vineyard is, what our values and visions are, how we implement those values and visions, and how you can get more involved in the life-cycle of the community. Again, there is no pressure.

Our hope is that everyone in our community decides to get involved in serving and using their gifts to bless each other. Maybe that means you have a gift for worship or teaching children. Or maybe God has gifted you with an amazing passion for hospitality, or perhaps you deeply care about social justice and outreach to the city of New Braunfels or one of the surrounding communities. Whatever it is, we want to encourage and empower you to faithfully use those gifts within one of our MINISTRY TEAMS as a blessing to RCV and to the entire community of New Braunfels.

We are a community that understands how important it is to do life together. And the way we try to encourage that is through organic, life-giving HOME GROUPS. We want the body of Christ to get together and practice the way of Jesus as much as possible, and our home groups are a very non-threatening way that we can learn, worship, encourage, grow, share, struggle, and put our faith into practice together.

For a complete list of our current home groups, please click here.

Please feel free to ask anyone on a Sunday morning or you may email for any additional questions or information about how you can get connected with RCV.