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At RCV, we believe Home Groups are one of the best ways that we can, together, work out our faith in a space that's safe and loving. It is in our Home Groups that we can disciple each other and learn how to practice the things that Jesus is teaching us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is for everyone who feels that RCV is their spiritual home would be involved in a Home Group. Our current Home Group offerings are below:

The Sabbath & Culture Group:
- A home group for engaging with movies, tv, music, and other cultural staples through a Kingdom perspective while celebrating the Sabbath with dinner and drinks... hosted and led by the Bryants.
- Friday evenings @ 7:15 pm, twice a month, at 310 Cordoba
- For more information: noelandrewbryant@gmail.com

The Brentwood Group: 
- A home group focused on hearing God speak to you through the power of reading scripture... hosted by the Jacobsons and led by the Bokorneys. Children welcome.
- Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm, at 118 Brentwood
- For more information: cbokorney@gmail.com

The Tanglewood Group: 
- A home group focused on the simple practices of the faith and being intentional... hosted by the Harveys and led by the Tjernagels. Children welcome.
- Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm, at 213 W. Tanglewood
- For more information: scott@rcvineyard.org

The Thomason Group: 
- A home group for people who want to examine the unexamined and untransformed parts of our lives and to ask messy and difficulty questions together. How is it that Jesus calls us to live?
- Meeting time and location still TBD
- For more information: erin.e.thomason@gmail.com